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Experience the Hotel Intourist Palace for a marvelous and luxurous stay in one of the most beautiful city in Georgia.

Step into the lobby and feel the hearty welcome as the hotel is a true away from home. The Hotel Intourist Palace will turn your stay in Batumi a nice and unforgettable moments

Within 75 years the Hotel has received more than 450.000 foreigner travelers, businessmen, sportsmen and diplomats, participants of international conferences, symprosiums and forums… Each visitor is well supported and much attention as well both warmth and cordiality such unique that makes our hotel a “Visit Card” of Batumi.

Hotel is located in the very center of Batumi, next to one of the most beautiful Seaside boulvards on the Black Sea, it is only 100m. away from the beach and “dancing fountains”
Our experienced and knowledgeable team are always here to help coordinate your family adventure in Batumi. Whether it’s a day spent at the Batumi Aquarium and dolphinarium , a walk through Batumi boulevard or Botanical garden, your stay with us will be an unforgettable, family-bonding experience.

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